Mataram Binangkit in English

In the middle age, there was King of Jipang Regent in Middle of Java (now in Indonesia) Arya Penangsang that very greedy of power wanted to kill King of the king Kanjeng Sultan Pajang Hadiwijaya by sent killers.
Raden Sutawijaya, the adopted child of Kanjeng Sultan Hadiwijaya, go to the war with heirloom spear call Kanjeng Kyai Pleret.
He was guarded by his father Kyai Ageng Pemanahan and his uncle Ki Penjawi. Kanjeng Sultan had promise if they could killing Arya Penangsang, they will be given a prizes i.e. Mentaok Forest and Kadipaten Pati Regency.
In the flare up of war, intestines of Arya Penangsang hang out in strands because of the sharp point of the heirloom spear. But Arya Penangsang was not dead yet.
He hooked his intestines those hang out in strands onto his heirloom kris Kanjeng Kiai Setan Kober’s handle.
He was moving forward and shoved Raden Sutawijaya.
When Raden Sutawijaya pushed, Arya Penangsang unsheathed his kris. He would to finished off the soul of Raden Sutawijaya with the kris Kanjeng Kyai Setan Kober. Read more in


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